REVIEW: Chateau Lemongrass @ Eagle Rock, CA


Eating in Chateau Lemongrass is sexier at night. The waiters bustle with ease, their service is impeccable, and the crowd is hipster enough to trust the level of their Chef to be cleaner than a fresh printed Bible. Which is where they went wrong.

This is supposed to be a Pho restaurant in the middle of Eagle Rock, a city in Los Angeles County filled with Asian, Hispanic, and Caucasian residents. The restaurant's customers are young, or, at least, Millennials in demography. So, being exposed to ethnic flavors should be nothing new! Angelinos or no, the shoes walking in and out of this place recognize how Vietnamese their Pho is.

Now, if you're a health nut with a need to escape your ultra-ethnic crowd, then please enjoy your meal. 

The bowls here have no fat. I don't think they even used yellow sugar in their ingredients. Their noodles are typical in amount, but the soup doesn't leave any legs! When you slurp your spoon, you should feel a sweaty residue from the bone broth glazing your lips. Your clothes will not stink of the restaurant's menu, and you can take an evening jog after paying your bill here. No "Itis", no "food coma", nothing!

It is delicious though. Like Tofu Cheesecake, Chateau Lemongrass offers a healthier version of one of LA's favorite dishes. The authenticity is lacking, but much like westernized Filipino food, it is posh in nature. And a great alternative for the fit youth.

Not recommended for writers, unless you like to people watch and work in a busy shop. However, if you can catch them on a slow hour, we would say the following would be best for:

• Romance Writers

• Philosophy Writers

• Poetry Writers