REVIEW: Tea Brick @ Arcadia, CA


When a cafe welcomes you in their doors, the gesture of having you stay all day isn't an accident. It's what a cafe expects. But unlike most cafes, Tea Brick exceeds the hospitality game. 

They're not fancy. No extra service and ornate silverware is made available. Quite the opposite. They keep things simple: you order, pick up said order when ready, and you can throw everything in the trash...or not. So, how is this exemplary in comparison?

"Chill" is the word that rolls off the tongue, when you visit. It's just chill. It's so chill, you can stay all day, and no one will bother you. It's so chill, you can build models with friends here, every week. It's so chill, that dogs have been allowed to sit by the customers' seats while drinking their tea.

And don't get me started on the tea! Again, it's "chill". Nothing new for the Boba Milk Tea enthusiast, as you're able to order in half and quarterly sweetness, along with options of more than just boba or lychee jelly, but what makes the tea all the more better is their presentation. For within their plastic bottle of solid goodness, Tea Brick designs each large sized bottles, also know as "Queen Size", are illustrations of corgi puppies in uniform! 

It's adorable. Sometimes, the corgis are Policemen, Firemen, and Nurses. And sometimes, they're EMT, Tax Collectors, and Lawyers. If the dark humor is amiss to you, then the music playlist will pull your heart strings, as you continue your stay.

Unless you're in the know, the songs played in this shop will only feel trance-ish and pop-ish in nature. But to gamers and k-pop fangirls, they play the latest melodies that tease your very soul. 

This is highly recommended for highschoolers and college students. Unless you find sugar of nutritional value, then please do not expect a full meal in this "chill" reprieve from the uncaring world of adults.

Sitting between E. Duarte Rd. and S. Santa Anita Ave., you can visit Tea Brick at 1 W Duarte Rd Suite A, Arcadia, CA 91007.


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